Confused about theme updates.... please advise



Hello ~
I am using theme NativeChurch, and I just got an theme update email. So I follow the link, log in and see that the download is named the same as my original theme zip download… so what’s been updated? What do I do with this ‘same’ zipped theme download?

The email makes it sound like it is an improvement to the theme, then why doesn’t it show up on my theme dashboard as an update - you know where I get WordPress updates, and plugin updates… Confused am I.

Please, somebody explain these emails for theme updates and what to do with them :slight_smile:


Hi @CurrentWave,

Welcome to the forums! Some themes are updated the manual way, so you’d need to use something like this plugin. If in doubt, you should always contact the author of theme you are about to update if there’s more convenient way :slight_smile:



Thank you so much, I will ask the theme creator, and maybe use that plugin…

The plugin was last updated one year ago, and only tested up to version 4.6.10 so am going to be cautious.

Thanks again,


Use this plugin

the download is named the same as my original theme zip download

The file name has nothing to do with the item version.

doesn’t it show up on my theme dashboard as an update

No theme from ThemeForest will show up there unless it contains some custom made functionality to allow something like that. Only themes/plugins from official WP repository work like that by default.


Okay, I’ve added the Envato plugin and activated it… however

I cannot do step #7 Visit the new “Envato Market” menu item, nor

view the settings page - therefore I cannot make the Envato API

This is what I see -

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/0/f/0f1719fb3855ecd6b74689e43762cd1bb385fc92.png" alt="">

So I can deactivate or visit your site, but not mess with this

plugins settings.

What am I missing?


Okay, I found the Envato page to generate my token, and did so.

I found at the bottom of my my dashboard's menu, Envato Market

(that’s new) and went to that page.

I put my token where it says: Enter your Envato API Personal Token.

And pressed Save.... page reloads, and I see test API connection, so

I click that… nothing happens, so I do it again and still

So I log out of my dash and back in (still hoping for my dash to

recognize that the theme has an update) but it doesn’t.

Now what?

Thank you,


I have received 2 emails about theme updates.
I have downloaded and saved the updates, the latest one copying over the previous ones (Scary).

I have installed the plugin - Envato Market WP plugin you mentioned, and created a token and installed that into the plugins page… but I do not see how to use this plugin. I have read the documentation and it speaks of things I do not see - cannot not find.

And so my theme is still not updated…

Any other ideas :slight_smile:



Well another Native Church Theme update email just came in, and I downloaded it from my theme account.

However, once again it is not showing in my dashboard, and yes the Envato plugin is still there…

With all this trouble over updating I cannot recommend your themes that’s for sure. And I’m not going to pay for $support for your themes not being user friendly and simply updating. Arrrggggg!

My plugins update, Wordpress updates… but the themes do not!


Hi @CurrentWave,

Unfortunately I can’t provide any more help, the support period you paid for can and should be used to contact the author of your theme - @imithemes. Here’s the theme support section:




If you are not able to see update on the Envato Market plugin’s page then check it on WP Dashboard => Updates

For further assistance contact support team at the link provided by @LucaThemesCom my team would be happy to assist you.



No updates are showing in my WP dashboard anywhere… I am completely updated according to my Native Church theme dashboard. However, according to my purchased-theme account- a new NC update is ready for installing…

I will be contacting ‘your team’, but I don’t see why I cannot just get the information I need right here, or why you don’t just pass on my issue to your team.

Again, yet another reason to not play with these companies of themes. This theme should update, this is a defect in the Native Church Theme. I should not have to pay for ‘support’ on a defective product.


Sorry for the inconvenience you have faced but throw is not a theme issue as auto updates are handled by the Envato Market plugin. Also if you have recently purchased this theme then it comes with 6 months free support and team should be able to help you. Thanks