Unfortunately we found it isn't at the quality standard required to move forward

Hello. I created a theme that in my opinion follows the development standards and has a modern and functional design.

I can’t get ThemeForest approval Where can I be wrong?

The item has documentation and is organized as follows:




Live Preview: https://corpore.codings.dev

Could you help me please?

I am sorry but that is certainly not up to modern design standards.
There is WAY too much animation (also, why does those animations reset on each scroll? that is extremely annoying!) and the overall feel is way too generic!

There is nothing wrong with your folder/files structure, but that does not matter until you get the design right anyway. Design is king.

If you are one man show then I highly recommend to get yourself a skilled designer. The market is currently way too oversaturated with many great looking and feature rich themes/templates. You have to be super talented to nail both design and development up to required standards. You need to specialise if you want to succeed.

@LSVRthemes I really liked your comment.

I have been working with website development for a long time. I decided to venture into ThemeForest and created something basic to start.

Could you help me by saying If the positioning of the elements is correct? Positioning of menus, sections and forms.

I would be very grateful if you can send me some live preview of a really modern theme that I can be inspired by.

I await other comments from other authors, please, this can help more people and make this branch grow more and more.

if the rest of the design is correct besides the design

That sentence doesn’t make much sense. Again, design as whole is not good enough, it is not about just changing few things. You need to create something much, much better and unique from the scratch.
And please just never use those cheap animations again. That awful trend was hip maybe eight years ago.

You will find plenty of good design here on ThemeForest if you take a look at popular new uploads for example

I wrote wrong. “If the positioning of the elements is correct”.

If the positioning is correct, I already have a start.

I think of working on something new with an original design as you suggested.

I will check the new uploads.

Thank you for your support. I wish good sales.