Can this be accepted

Sorry to say, but it’s too far from quality standards. You should learn more about web design.


With respsect this breaks pretty much every design fundamental rule and the concept is very over done.


Sorry for I say you… your design is too basic but you need to learn more about design for the approved ThemeForest.


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Thank you, I do not know the problem, but what do I need to know and what is the problem with this site

Thank you, I do not know the problem, but what do I need to know and what is the problem with this site

Thank you, I do not know the problem, but what do I need to know and what is the problem with this site

Just compare your design with already approved items, would you buy your item instead of another?

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I was comparing

Yours has all sorts of issues which these two examples do not.

The problem is that even if people give you a list of errors e.g. stretched assets, zero hierarchy, alignment of page elements, margins and padding need to be properly implemented.

  1. if you are missing things this basic then that raises the question of if you will know how to correct them

  2. to be successful you cannot just fix a list of issues - you need to have the technical skills to know what is best practice - why - how to achieve that - and how to make it distinctly original


Do you have any article, video, or anything to learn to do these things properly?

Thank you so much!

Do some research into the fundamentals of design, UI, UX, colour theory, and look into more specific things such as the principles of web design. Practice like crazy, and start with simple things such as sign-up forms, navigation menus, buttons, etc.

Some general tips.

  • Never stretch or squish photos.
  • Design on a grid.
  • Always give everything such as boxes, text, icons, graphics, etc. space around the edges, and keep it consistent.
  • Never use drop shadows on text. In fact, it’s best to stay away from them in general.
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thank you very much
I was looking and couldn’t find the basics. Do you have any article or video explaining
Please help me

Firstly, it’s better than your design, because it has some spacing and typography rules.
Secondly, this item is old, check the latest approved items.

As already pointed by others, you are nowhere near ready to submit something on ThemeForest. It is better than your last attempt though. But as I’ve told you in your previous topic, you need years of experience, you won’t become a good web designer in a month or two. Right now you are completely wasting time trying to submit stuff here, it is not going to happen in the near future. Accept it, go practice more, learn more and try to do some personal projects first before you try again here.

You can start for example here, but there are thousands of articles all around the internet on the topic:

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thank you very much

Hey, Hi I’m new to this forum, but I know web designing,. You suppose to learn more about web designing because the basic structure of web site is missing. It looks like blog. So kindly improve yourself in Web designing.
You suppose to cover all the tags with in this website and you suppose to give some of the content which is related to you with the continuous update of website. It helps you to get your website on top in Search engines.