Feedback for about first template

Please help me

With all due respect but that is VERY far from required quality standards. You are nowhere near ready to upload something on ThemeForest. Keep working on your skills and try again in few months.
Meanwhile, keep an eye on recently approved bestsellers to see what level of quality is expected.

You can tell me what is wrong in this theme ??
And how i know the required quality standards.

I am opened themes HTML and see how build it but I am cannot know why themes approved and my template not ?? !!

Your design is just way too amateurish. Keep on practicing, reading tutorials, checking out inspirational sites like Dribbble. It will take time, but you will get there with enough determination. But until then, uploading anything on ThemeForest is just a waste of time. You won’t improve in day, week or a month. It takes a lot of time.

With respect if you can’t see the issues and differences then you are going to struggle submitting items here.

It’s also suspicious to see badly styled designs with word for word copy of content sections from freebie templates from similar categories

You also need to be careful - based on other threads you have quite recently had other rejections for items that are just a long way off the standards.

Do this too many times in quick succession and there is a danger of your account being blocked.

Problem in codes or in design ??

Design. I haven’t even checked he code. Until the design is not the top quality, the code doesn’t matter.

What about this design, is it acceptable or not?

Not at all. Again, you are not ready to submit anything here. You need some solid months or years of experience.