I need a feedback on my template

Good evening ervyone,

I have submit my template HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery on ThemeForest, he was rejected and they advise me to ask authors for feedback. So can you give me feedback on the quality to improve on this template, so that I can correct it and make it conform so that it can be submitted and sold.

My template

Thank you in advance

Your item isn’t ready for themeforest, design is outdated many thing are need to improve your item.

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Hi @cassanogabriele

Your template is too basic bad colors, buttons, typography, etc but you need practice more for approved.


Maybe hard reject.

Hi, for the rest of the response, I understand and I work about that.
But can you explain me many thing are need to improve your item, what are the problems, except colors and typography ? And for colors, I’m Developer, not Designer, and that’s soft color? what is the problem, please, explain me or give me a template sample for working.

Thank you in advance.

If you are developer and not a designer, and you do not aspire to become a designer then either find a designer to cooperate with or switch to a plugin development (at CodeCanyon). You have no chance to be approved on ThemeForest without a great design and right now you are VERY far from a great design.