why my template is hard rejected this time anyone can tell how to reach the quality standard

here is the link

I am sorry but this is very far from the quality standards. Take a look at some recent bestsellers to get some inspiration and spend some solid months learning and practicing before your next attempt at submitting something to ThemeForest. Especially study the typography, because you have lot to learn in this department.

thanks for your valuable advice please help me what can i do for enhance quality in ltems where i can learn i m in do or die situation so please help

If you are in do or die situation then this place is certainly not a best place to be. If you need money fast, you should certainly look at other places to get them, because I can assure you it won’t happen here. It takes at least months to get good enough to pass the reviews and it takes much longer to get enough know-how to be able to create an item which will sell decently.

If you want to improve, you can start at https://tutsplus.com