UNFAIR hard reject

ANybody help!
It is not my first item. I’ve been designing for Themeforest for more than 1 year. And Always do the same technical stuff, documentation…
And now I upload a new item BUT from another Profile.I keep all the technical requirements as I did before…
And I’ve got a hard reject… not even the soft reject
Please tell me what’s wrong here

Very strange. The design looks really great. IMO it shouldn’t be even soft reject for that.

Nice concept, but typography doesn’t look premium to me, especially for a PSD template where requirements are usually much higher compared to HTML/WP categories. I am not saying it is necessary bad, it is just average, at least to my eyes.

Also, if you have more than one account, make sure to read this:

In my case “another profile” doesn’t mean MY second profile. It’s Profile of person who bought my designs and all rights for them.