Understanding how many templates, or theme I need to be accepted


I just wanted to know if I come to the table with 1 html template, or 10, will I be accepted. Or in other words, will I be allowed to sell only one item on the site if I only have one available currently?

I just really need this question answered because I really want to sell my work as a developer.


You can sell as many as are approved.

You’re probably better off focussing attention on one at a time.

Approval (and sales) will come as a result of quality not quantity


Thanks for the reply, that really helped. I appreciate how fast you responded, that was really unexpected. I will upload a template link here because I see that others are sharing the ones they have built before submitting for review, I submitted it before, but after 6 days, I took it off because it had not been reviewed, and I did not know whether or not if it was ever going to be reviewed.

Really appreciate the response. Some platforms will say you need more than 5 or something like that before even getting accepted to sell on the platform, its nice to know Theme Forest understands that not everyone has a large portfolio to start off with.

Start selling one while building another, that’s a nice model I think.


Reviews are a bit delayed at the moment so don’t be put off by that.

It is always worth sharing the demos here - the community is filled with experienced buyers and authors alike who can offer advice especially when you are getting used to how things work here and what it takes to be successful.