Need help to upload my first item in the Theme Forest

Hi everyone :wave:
I have prepared my first HTML template to be published in Theme Forest , but since I have no experience in this field, I would like my first template not to be rejected.

I will give you the preview address of the pages of this template, please check and give me suggestions if there are any problems in the design, thank you :star_struck:

Preview :

With respect this resume type site is very overdone in the marketplace and the design here could do with significant modernisation and to add some new features or functionality to be approved.


Thanks Charlie
Do you have any suggestion?

It’s a crazy difficult category to be approved in let alone generate proper sales

There’s always more value in creating something for purpose or even a multi purpose site which also create numerous opportunities to add value with other premium features

OK , What’s your idea? Can I send this template for review?

You can but I doubt it would be approved.

You might find it worthwhile investing time in looking at what sells well and the type of bigger project to look at creating


Its not bad, but it needs work and improvements.

  1. The navigation links are not right - see image below for clarification. Portfolio link is going to contact page so that needs correcting:

  1. Links are broken on some pages - example: single-project.html where it says Next Project is a broken link

And if you’re serious about getting stuff sold online, then try not to use free hosting for your demos.

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Your design is not bad but you need add more demos different designs and color light and dark. Good luck.

I like this UI design. I hope it will get approval. However, there are some broken links that need to be checked.