Item is being reviewed.


I had posted “Set of 25 exclusive PSD Templates” 17 days back and till date it is showing “Queued for Review”. I had even posted a query regarding the same on the Help Center a few days back, but unfortunately haven’t received any response.

I am very eager to know when my item would be published and when can I start selling it? Is it that I have missed out something due to which it is still under review? I am an Indian Resident and very new to Envato Market as an Author.

Would love to hear some valuable feedback from this forum. Take care and have a nice day. Cheers!!

With best regards,

Nuruddin B.

Where did you submit these and in what way? Eg themeforest or graphicriver? As a bundle or individually?

A set of 25 is not really suitable for Themeforest and it seems unlikely that all 25 will be approval level (unless they are just variations on one very good version).

In terms of when your work may be published so you can start selling - review times are currently high and may take a few weeks and even then there is no guarantee it will be approved for sale.

Focussing on sales and income is the worst thing you can do. Success takes time and commitment - it is not somewhere for people only interested in quick earning.

If you share a link here to the demo image for what you submitted then you can at least get feedback on the likelihood of approval.