Unclear video format, works on some pages,on some does not. Support unreachable.


Unfortunately, my recent experience with this whole envato organisation has been a night mare. I am unable to reach the support team because I dont have the access to the original account , which was used to purchase the theme. The previous developer has gone cold and the support period has expired , therefore we cannot get help. We cant buy more of the support because we dont have the access to the original account. Although, I have mentioned in several cases that I can provide the purchase key along with all the other necessary things to verify that it is our website (whatever they might be). I have not been able to reach the support for more than a month now, been trying different sources. Finally, somebody answered in Facebook, but basically all they did was pasted some links in the chat under which it said that they are unable to help without the access to the original account. This is very upsetting and I doubt we will be future clients of this broken system. I have never encountered such a disfunctional support service! Were unable to even explain our issue to anyone!


Open a Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.


Thank You!


Apparently it costs extra to ask 1 question. They replied that they want me to buy new license in order to ask 1 question until then it is as if I gave birth to this theme myself and it is not their business.