UK Tax Number


This is obviously something that is discussed at length a lot of the time, however I cannot find a suitable answer.

Having tried to fill out my Tax Information (to rightfully hold onto that 30% odd tax on US sales), the form will not accept my National Insurance number, which is a valid and legitimate UK Tax Number.

What’s the deal guys? Is this scam; one of those things that one will never be able to fill out and will just have to subsequently part with even more money for no legit reason?

Why one can’t simply tick a checkbox that says “I declare that I am not a citizen of the US” is beyond me.

Anyway, has anybody else from the UK managed to successfully fill out this form?

Thanks in advance.

You need to have a registered business in the UK, that’s my understanding. I don’t myself, so I have to pay tax on US sales.

No need to be a business, you just need to use your Unique Taxpayer Reference number. People were using their NI number previously with no issues, as far as I’m aware. But the UTR should be the way to go. You only get a UTR if you pay some form of income tax, whereas all UK citizens get an NI number whether they pay tax or not. Maybe they’re no longer accepting NI numbers as a result.

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