Form W-8: Providing a Tax ID Number as a UK author?

Hoping a fellow UK author can shine a light on this for me today.

I’m wanting to provide my Tax ID number (UTR number in the UK) to submit the W-8 form, but the only option I can select that will suit the 10-digit number we have here is “Foreign Tax ID Number” - is this the correct option for an author in the UK?

All the other numbers are issued by the IRS, so Foreign Tax ID is the one to go for if you don’t have a US-issued ID number.

I used my UTR without any problems. Some have used their NI number without any problems, but I think UTR is the way to go.


It is indeed. “Foreign Tax ID Number” means non-US tax ID number (it is a US form, so it makes sense), so this is where you want to put your UTR in indeed.

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Cheers, mate :slight_smile:

Cheers , mate :slight_smile:

I put in my UTR too and it let me go through. Hope that helps.

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