Sole Trader in the UK, not registered for VAT - which tax type?

I am a sole Trader in the UK, not registered for VAT - which tax type should I be selecting? Seems Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is my only option other than to not enter one.

But what is this for a UK citizen?

You want the foreign tax ID number… use your Unique Tax Reference number.

What is this for a UK citizen…? Your national insurance number?

As SpaceStock said, for UK you want to use your UTR in the FTIN field. I’ve read in the forums some UK authors used their NI number, but I don’t know wether that’s valid.

Yeah, people have used their NI and there haven’t seemed to be any issues, but I’d probably got for the UTR. Everyone gets an NI, but only taxpayers get a UTR… so it’s probably the more ‘proper’ choice to go for.

I’ve just submitted this tax information, my balance available to withdraw is still showing as before the tax details were entered, how long does this take to update?

It updates straight away… in that, if you’ve entered the correct info then the amount you have withheld from now on, will be updated/altered straight away.

Envato are just responsible for withholding or not withholding taxes though, based on the information provided to them. They don’t issue refunds… unless they’ve been withholding taxes incorrectly based on the information provided to them.

Even if they could handle refunds, having an NI or a UTR reference today, doesn’t mean you had one yesterday… so just entering the relevant info doesn’t prove you’ve been entitled to a reduced withholding rate for the six months it took you to enter the relevant information.

You’ll get a document in the next few months showing the amount of tax withheld during 2017 though, which you should be able to offset against the tax due on your next return.