Withholding Tax UK Seller Question?

Just curious if anyone else here from the UK was able to submit a Tax Identifier Number or similar and if so does that eliminate or reduce the witholding tax?

I filled out my appropriate form but as I don’t have a Tax Idendifier Number (which seems to be something specific I need to apply for) I seem to be worse off that just leaving it with the Backup Witholding Tax… Can I just use my Tax ID from my UK Self Assessment?

It seems this has destroyed the envato marketplace, when I sell something at $20 I now only get around $5 after envato take their fees and the tax is taken off, then I convert this to sterling it’s around £2.50… And then I’ll have to pay UK tax on that at the end of the year also?

Not really worth the effort anymore?

There’s mixed advice online, your self-assessment number is one option but others have also used their National Insurance number. I personally used the National Insurance number and it seems to be working okay, and others also have said that’s worked for them.

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Can I just use my Tax ID from my UK Self Assessment?
Yes. It works - but you’ve missed the deadline, so there may be a lag before you’re paying zero on envato. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ve just updated my account so I will post here if it works and how long it takes before the 0% kicks in.

Where did you type in your national insurance number?
When I go to fill in the W-8 Tax form, I click 'Registered as ‘an individual’

Then what do I select when it comes to ‘Tax ID Number’?

I have these options:

U.S. Social Security Number (SSN)
U.S. Employer Identification Number (EIN
)Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
Foreign Tax ID Number
I will not or am unable to provide a Tax ID Number

I am registered as self employed and have a business set up

I selected Foreign Tax ID Number, then entered my National Insurance reference - it seems fairly split between people either using that, or your self-assessment tax ID.

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I’ve entered my UK national insurance number as well. So do I still need to report the income to HMRC or do they automatically take the tax or do I need to report all my envato income on the end of the year?

I did that, too and seems to be fine…

It won’t accept my NI number (I selected selected Foreign Tax ID Number). :worried: