Two days without sales

@Bedros Hm… this is not good indeed… I hope that you not right


Well, in fact, authors could have easily dealt with a lot of things BUT with the changes that have been happening all over the place (envato), despite tons of complaints from authors (who MADE THIS PLACE WHAT IT IS in the first place) it is even pointless to promote your items elsewhere to attract some “buyers” because (INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO) they see the ELEMENTS PROMOTIONS everywhere, even on our own products’ pages.

Well, in fact, in that context, “two days without sales” is a very good outcome, if you know what I mean.

I wonder what’s the point, in these circumstances, to spend months (in some cases even a year) to build a decent WordPress Theme to sell on Envato.


My friend I haven’t received any sales since 4 days!! :rage: :hot_face: :sweat: :pleading_face:

I think you are too panicked. You have only 4 items in your portfolio. This is not enough for Graphicriver to receive sales every day. I see that you are a novice author and your items have been downloaded recently. Maybe you didn’t know, but new items get more sales at the start, and then sales decrease. Here’s how it works. Work hard, fill your portfolio, and you will get more than one sale per day. Good luck! :wink:


Wow, it’s awesome.
I am working hard to download new items to my portfolio to get a lot of sales.

Don’t panic. They killed the market with elements :slight_smile:

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There is no point anymore. I worked on a theme 16 moths it was approved 2 moths ago and I have 17 sales :slight_smile:

I think Envato is sinking, and they do not really care as long as Elements is making profit…

Now this corona virus as well is causing a global mess, very hard times.


I think they’re probably doing just fine, with sales increasing year on year… although I’d guess their percentage increases on revenue are decreasing every year.


Most authors are unhappy with what is happening right now with Elements. They are saying si the future, is it really the future?

As a developer I know that a plugin without support is null, the web it too bugy.

For stock footage I agree is the future but who is losing the author, his work becomes trash, motivation is gone … a total mess.


Whether somebody likes it or not it is already PRESENT.

As for “sinking” Envato: there are so many variables that most of us can’t know to see the global picture.

But if to take number of items year by year so last 2 years market almost doubled number of items. Revenue just spreads across all authors and in this case low/mid-selling authors are affected the most. EE made its impact, but from my perspective drop on VH isn’t that big: 2017/2018/2019 earnings are the same on the market and with Elements I almost doubled my yearly income in 2019 compared to 2017/2018

If to take it short: demand is lower than supply - that’s it. And that difference is growing


^ This needs to be pinned or something

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I’m not sure how videohive marketplace goes but I don’t agree with “demand is lower than supply” on themeforest. Most theme authors have extraordinary brain power but 0 entrepreneurial skill. Of course if you’re doing the 10005th “lawyer theme” demand will be lower than supply lol. You need to actually go out there, research new industries, see what people need, go to facebook groups, see what people complain about. This is difficult to do when you treat theme development like a job and not like a business. There’s tremendous opportunity (still) on this marketplace. It baffles me really how you can invest so many hours and energy in a theme that’s going to be just like the other 1000 themes in that category.

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Correct - that’s why customers have choice now - they can choose one template on the market, pay for it 45 - 65 $ and have customer support, updates etc. Also Customer can pay for subscription and download 50 templates each without any support and updates so the problem with bugs / updates is on customer side.

peace! :slight_smile:

Ofc every market has its own balance, I was talking mainly about VH and market in average

hi my friend, sorry i had not seen your message in this category , how is going going now?

u maybe right , but in case u did not get it , there is even worst in prepare, if so! what do u think that “placeit” is for? apart from replacing authors by automated services given to buyers to replace authors on the more or less long run? fortunately at this stage there are enough buyers not to get into these unefficient and unfair services and not enough buyers and authors who get did not get into the minimalistic kind of works that are enabling it, as , when people get used - when kind of become the trend - to these creative-proof styles, then the door will be opened once and for good to have designers run unemployed and having to find new jobs!

there is only u do to get excited about this! lol the fact of the matter is that growing your portfolio here now is far from easy , there are lots of rejections due to saturated markets , i know what i am talking about , as an experienced designers with 16+ years in an agency , i help a lot of people with their rejections and believe me, myself i am far from from freed from rejections too …

lol yeah but do not make me laugh , will u , this is sort of normal for any author to have more gain that the previous year as u are supposed to have much more items for sale as time goes by (at least if u are an active author , this stands to evidence), the market gets used to u , u have made some recurrent buyers discover u and buy on regular basis and so on. So , so if your global perspective is definitely interesting and true, there was something still left to be said to portrait an accurate picture, that the move to america means more fees for authors and piracy is definitely helping them to survive as designers and most importantly as exclusive marketplace runners and that as for the story of demand and supply that this is very convenient a principle that does not take strategy from the company, which is rather naive …

@Novocaina yeah but can we talk about choices for authors?! LOL because u can choose to apply and not to get selected whether u want to join or not …


Choice is very wide - Envato is not only marketplace also authors here are not forced to sell exclusively - let’s start with that :slight_smile:

PS. Choices for customers first (for authors in second place - pro customers policy my friend, read about Amazon where one major mistake and your account is closed (which can be opened once in your name, company etc.) and founds (often hundrets of thousands euros) are frozen … why? because of customer major complain. That’s why amazon is extremely difficult, that’s why you can earn big there, that’s why this is customers nr 1 choice, that’s why Jeff Bezos (owner) is the richest man on the planet at the moment. Pro customer policy (not author choices).


Maybe as a whole, but even Collis said that Market sales had been decreasing year on year (the opposite of what you just said), that is what this topic is about, not Envato Corporate revenue

Quote of Collis 2019 Public Impact Statement post:

even Elements bonus share has been decreasing…

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Well he said Envato so I was commenting on Envato as a whole. Would be highly unlikely that the marketplaces wouldn’t at least see a reduction in growth after launching Elements.

As for the bonus… that could be as a result of less subscribers/revenue, but could just as easily be as a result of the same or even higher revenue… just people using their subscriptions more often. Or it could be an increase in authors and content which is out of sync with whatever the increase in subscribers is.

I guess if your item earnings are staying the same and your bonus is dropping… that’ll be people using their subscription more often. If your item earnings have dropped and your bonus has dropped… that’ll be one of the other reasons.

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