Tutorial on how to use After Effects Templates?

I just finished Envato’s entire 8 hour beginners course that was supposed to teach me how to use graphics templates in After Effects, which feels like a big waste of time. Despite what was promised at the beginning, there’s only one small lesson in the whole tutorial about using a single template, and I still have no idea how to use the templates I find on Envato. Can anyone point me to a tutorial that teaches how to use Envato templates in After Effects please?

There’s no one size fits all tutorial as any template may be different from others.

The best option is to find tutorials (YouTube is a good place to start) that covers the basics of working with different assets etc then use the items you download to put this into practice and refine skills.

AE is a giant piece of software and no brief or intro tutorial is going to cover much - learning it properly and in detail would take months if not more.