After effects template tutorial



Just discovered video hive amd very excited about it.

Does anyone have or know of any tutorials directly related to the the after effects themplates on video hive. I’m a novice a Af and bought a test project but the help section isn’t very extensive.

I’m trying to figure out how to use the drop zones etc to costumise the sequences.

Any help great fully apericated at this stage.




These are some old tutorials that help you prepare your AE project file for VH but they can be a bit dated.

As for drop zones I am not sure what you want to achieve? Are you talking about placeholders?


Hi and welcome on videohive :slight_smile:

Every item here has some instructions included on how to customize the template.
But, depending on the item you bought and its author, the quality of help files / tutorials differ. Some templates here are very well documented for Beginners, others have just very basic descriptions and leave you more or less alone with the software.

As every author can build his templates in his own way, there is no general tutorial for the templates here.
But you can always try to contact the author of the template for better instructions.

In my files, I always try to make it as easy as possible even for AE-newcomers. And I had very good feedback from AE Novices so far who hadn’t had problems with working with the files.
If you are interested in one of my items I can send you the tutorial to take a look at and see if it describes the whole process well enough :slight_smile:


Hello could you please send me a tutorial or guide i can use to help me navigate around the template i am working on? I just got the dynamic slideshow 2