Tutorial help

I’m new to using the templates.
I just purchased the 3D Cubes Transition 08

Can someone help me set it up? I can’t figure out how to transition from one video scene to another using the effect. I don’t know what goes on what layer and what needs to get keyed etc.

Thanks in advance!

Anyone out there to help?

Hi santellavision. Did you try to contact the author via Profile page and read the Helpfile goes with project file?
I don’t have any item in the Motion Graphics category, and I don’t know the author has tutorial inside or not. If not you can go to YouTube and search some tutorial about Alpha Matte in After Effects.

Thanks, I will try to contact them. I looked for Tuts on YouTube, nothing that fits.

After reviewing the tutorial, I can pretty much safely assume the effect was done using a 3d program, seeing how smoothly and easily the cubes rotated in the tutorial. The falloff effect was also most likely used at the end to do the center-border reveal.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a 3d program at the moment, so I’m still going to attempt to recreate everything in After Effects, but for the most part my question was answered.

Where can I find the HELP file?

The file was compressed in Photo PNG + Alpha. Alpha Matte is exactly what you need to use it.

Hi GT,
What I don’t understand is where to put the video and Cube graphic files. What gets layered above and below and which ones get keys etc. I’ve been trying to get it to work and its not clicking for me how to do it.

Any way to send a Premiere timeline example that shows how it work?

Sorry, I don’t install Premiere on my PC, just After Effects. I sent you a tutorial link via Message, please check it (because forum doesn’t allow post link).