Request for AfterEffects / Premier action

Hi all … I’m going to be making a number of stereo videos and would love an action / template to help with the busy work. I’m not experienced with either AE or Premier but I own both (CS5.5) and whichever would be easier for me to use would be fine. Here’s what I need to do…

  1. Choose a video to be the left side and one to be the right
  2. CROP (or MASK) each video to a rectangle that is the height of the video, half of a 16:9 width, and horizontally centered
  3. POSITION the videos on the proper sides next to each other with no space between, resulting in a 16:9 video
  4. REMOVE audio tracks from both

I would need to be able to tweak one of the video’s start time to get correct syncing.

Maybe if I learn to do it once I could just reuse the project, swapping out the video files? Sorry about the noobism, but if someone could advise I would appreciate the help. Thanx!

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