Couple of questions about my first After Effects Template

Hi folks!

I’m preparing to launch my very first After Effects template in Videohive and have a couple of thoughts to know;

1- I see template owners using Audio Jungle music with watermark and they add the link in the description of the music file. Do I have to pay if I’ll use a music file with a watermark in my preview video? Or ask any permission from the music owner? (Of course, add the link in the description in any way)

2- How many different musics can I use in my preview video? Can I use second music after the first one?

3- Can I trim, cut etc the music in the preview video? I found a really good one but the intro part does not work for me so I want to start music from 0:12 second. Can I use specific parts of the song?

4- I’m creating a Laptop mockup animation. Can I use my own website design in the preview? But the files will not contain in the project file and I’ll mention this in the description. OR do I have to use any other web design preview from Themeforest?

5- Envato only allows max 3GB file size. 3GB as zip file or it’s limit of the extracted folder size?

and last question

6- As I see, old projects contains brands title like “Macbook animated mockup” or “iPhone template” (I mean in Videohive not in GR) but last projects generally generated as “Phone X” “Laptop Pro” etc things. When old projects can contain the Apple logo, new projects not. The rules have changed? Can I use “Macbook” or “iPhone” brands in my template title, tags, description etc?

I remember my iPhone PSD Mockup set was the decline for it but I thought maybe it’s different in Videohive.

I know questions sound stupid for an expert. But as you know, the review and revision process is long and hard. This is why I don’t want to waste time.

Please light me up!

Thanks a lot,


you can use any Audiojungle audio in your preview, just add a link in the description.
You can trim, cut it if you need.
You can use several tracks, it’s Ok.
4 - I suppose you can if it doesn’t look like advertisement of your website.
5 - 3GB as zip (look through the rules, as far as I remember this number was increased recently)
6 - any brand names are not allowed now.

Good luck with your new project!


Hi thanks a lot your feedback. It will really work for me :slight_smile:

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