New to After Effects. What course or tutorial should I watch??




Finally I’ve got my new MacBook Pro and looking forward working with the great videohive templates. But I realize most of the tutorials provided are minimal and therefore I’m looking for a course or tutorial to get me up and running fast.

Any suggestions for a good tutorial or course?

Your suggestions are VERY appreciated!! :wink::+1:


What are your skills at After Effects [0-10]?


I think it’s around 2 :wink:


The best practice is to look for, what you want to do.
Try to understand AAE, no to memorize.
Use tuts+, Youtube and Andrew Kramer.
Download or buy templates, change the settings of them. Look what is gonna happen. After you learn some basics or advanced plugins, camera options, 3d layers, parrenting of the layers, null objects, etc… You can start creating AE templates :slight_smile: