3D Courses

What happened to creating new 3d courses with After Effects? Or even new tutorials? No new courses in over a year and tutorials come at about 1 every 2 weeks and they are only 1 program based, rigging this is maya… or creating this in 3ds max. Just no variety anymore. After Effects used to be TutsPlus bread and butter back in the day now it just seems to be forgotten about.

@kcrow Fair point, not sure why though. There were a couple of great tutorials in December however, did you see them?

If anyone else would like to see more After Effects tutorials, now’s the time to speak up - EnvatoTuts+ Editorial Manager David Appleyard is known to swing-by our forums here from time to time. I know he’d be happy to get more feedback like this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @kcrow!

Hi @kcrow!

It’s a good question. We decided a little while ago that we wanted to put our focus into a certain set of core topics with our content at Tuts+ — Design & Illustration, Code, Web Design, and Photography.

We do have other areas, including 3D / Motion Graphics / After Effects, that we keep a smaller budget for and continue to publish content on. But you’re right — we don’t have the same quantity of content that we used to!

We can’t do everything unfortunately, but hopefully the continue we do continue to publish is useful :slightly_smiling:

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Nothing firm yet, but I thought I’d add that we’re looking at adding some 3D courses in the Photo & Video section this year. It’ll be 3D video though, not motion graphics.