Videohive questions



I love the logo reveals, impact style, HUD inforgraphic, cube transformation effects animations in video hive but I’ve noticed that the ones that I like really well are After Effects project files. I don’t want to buy a membership to AE since I already have Motion 5, iMovie 11 and FCPX. Can I download those AE project files that are available in video hive and be able to edit them in Motion 5 or FCPX or do i have to use AE to edit them for my usage?


Sorry to tell you that this is not possible. I’m working on several files for Apple Motion, it is always useful to hear from buyers and trends.
Best Regards MiamNuar!! :wink:


Thanks Juanmita


If you explain the situation to an author whose item you’re interested in, prior to purchasing, they should be able to customise it for you. You’ll probably have to pay, depends on the author as to how much, but you can shop around.