Trouble with theme kit and Metform.

I have created a theme kit and am testing the import out on a new wordpress install but my MetForm template is showing up blank. I have imported some others from other kits and they are showing up as jumbled html code. Has anyone run into this and have any possible resolutions?

I have had some issues with ElementsKit Lite as well and had to switch to internal css embedding for icons and colors to show correctly…I know both (metform & elementekit lite) are created by the same developers…maybe theres a compatibility issue?


You must export the metforms to the elementor library, then import them under Template Kit Export > Templates as new section templates. See How to Use Metform With Envato Elements Template Kit Export - Google Docs

These sections are then imported to the templates via the “Metform” element by selecting New/Blank form and selecting the form from the My Templates library via the gray folder icon. Make sure you have metforms enabled in Elementor > Settings.