Issues exporting and importing template


I’m trying to create a template kit with a few pages (will add more once i’ve confirmed i can import). These have been built using Elementor with some free images from pixabay (I’ve uploaded these to my server now though)

I can export the template fine (I think!) but when i go to import the template, none of the images appear, it just shows the default placeholder image. I inspected the .json file which gets imported and can see the link to the image, which i can browse to just fine, so not sure why it’s not working, have i missed something?

I’ve tried importing on a hosted server as well as localhost, same issue, no images.


First, please ensure you follow our guidelines for kit creation here: WordPress Template Kit Requirements – Envato Author Help Center and How To Create A Template Kit for Envato – Envato Author Help Center

For best results, kits should be setup on a live demo server. If you create them on localhost and then try to transfer them to a live server later, it can cause a lot of rework and requires you to run the Update Urls option in Elementor > Tools or re-set all of the images in your kit. For images to export correctly, you must have your domain/path publicly visible, not be using a caching plugin or CDN, and have the image sourced correctly on the Media export screen. We most often find missing images in exports to be down to moving from http to https which you can solve using a WordPress plugin like Go Live Urls.