My template kit has come without images

Hi there, I’ve just installed the Bankai template kit in my domain, but it seens that images has not been uploaded. Have any of you had ever have this issue? Regards.

maybe author didn’t included the original images because of image copyright. and instead they have included placeholder images.

Thanks for your reply.

Makes sense, but it also happened with illustrations. As far as I understand these illustrations should be included in the templete kit.

you can go to envato market profile page of the Author and use the right side contact form and ask them about it. Author can give you best solution where and how to get those images and illustrations. Thanks

I will do it! Many thanks for your answers! Regards.


Missing images on import is an issue with your server configuration blocking them from being saved to your media library. This is most often caused by an SSL certificate not being fully installed. Make sure the site url and WordPress url are both with https:// and your domain is fully propegated without maintenance mode.