Images never imported with elementor template kits

I pay for a premium licence for Envato elements but every single template kit I install on a website never installs the associated images for that template. Or more precisely seems to install file images but they are all blank and corrupted. So in our file system, the files are there but they are broken.

I have gone through all the help guides. Connecting my account adding images to our project so they have the license clear Envato plugin cache, ensuring post name in permalinks and server requirements are all ok which they are. I’m at a loss at this point why I am paying for this when I have to spend hours manually downloading and uploading every single image for a template THEN going into said templates to replace the broken images with the actual images.

If anyone at all has any ideas here I’m all ears.

Hello @gavpeds

The images authors use in their template demo never come in the main package. They are used only for demo purposes and usually replaced in the final package with placeholders.

This happens because the author of the Elementor template, for example, does not have the authorisation to redistribute those images (which are another’s author property and only that author can sell them / or make them available for download).

The images need to be downloaded separately and inserted in your project by yourself. It’s just a standard procedure, every single theme or template works like this.

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Hmm well, I email support and they seem to think otherwise so which is it? Thats said I have already gone through all this to no avail.


This would indicate a problem with the host configuration of your server - either they are blocking file transfers from a specific region, of a specific size, or other limitations of your plan prevent the images from importing.

Here is some troubleshooting you may try:

Step 1:

Go to Settings > Permalinks, ensure Post Name is selected, then click Save (whether you changed anything or not).

Go to Elementor > Settings and ensure all template types are checked, then click the Experiments tab and ensure all are set to Inactive.

Step 2: Check Plugins

  • Go to Plugins and ensure all plugins are updated.
  • Make sure you have the Envato Elements plugin installed and active. If not, you may find it under Add New by searching for Envato Elements.
  • Deactivate all plugins other than Elementor/Elementor Pro and Envato Elements.
  • Go to Elements > Installed Kits, locate your kit and click View Kit, then look for the Install Requirements banner at the top. requrements.png - Droplr If you see it, click the button to install the remaining plugin requirements for your kit, then try importing one template from your kit again. Templates are stored in Elementor under Templates > Saved Templates and must be imported to a page before using. Elementor Pro templates are stored in Templates > Theme Builder and are customized directly.
  • Create a new page under Pages and Edit with Elementor. Click the gray folder icon to access My Templates and choose the template to use.

Step 3: If issues persist, Go to Appearance > Themes and activate Hello Elementor. (To install, click Add New, search for Hello Elementor and install/activate). If this worked,the theme you were previously using is conflicting with elementor or our plugin.

Step 4: If none of the above worked, you likely have a resource issue on your host. Go to Elements > Settings and scroll down to Server Limits and make note of any red notices there, then click the Clear Cache and Reset button below that. Red notices indicate resource limitations on your host that they will need to resolve for import and other important WordPress functions to work smoothly.

Please contact your web host and request they check or update your configuration to enable the plugin to work. Those changes may require firewall exceptions, timeout or PHP limit increases including file upload limit of more than 2M.

The following values are the most common to check and adjust:


Preferably to the following values.

memory_limit = 256Mupload_max_size = 64Mpost_max_size = 64Mupload_max_filesize = 64Mmax_execution_time = 300max_input_time = 1000

Your host should be equipped to troubleshoot and fix the issue by checking your server error logs. They may review WordPress requirements here: Requirements |"

I’d be inclined to agree with @MrsEnabled but out of interest what kit is it? Link?

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Any kit but the one I have tried this morning is this one. Talk & Action - Colorful Digital Agency Elementor Template Kit by Rometheme on Envato Elements

Given the description mentions that buyers need to license the images from elements to include them, and lists the individual image links, this also suggests that they are just not included by default.

As @MrsEnabled mentions above it’s just a licensing thing - authors do not have the rights to distribute stock images hence why the placeholders are inserted.

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