Problems importing Byra Template Kito of Elementor

Good morning. We are trying to install the Elementor Template Kit called “Byra | Hotel & Resort” but we are having problems. Specifically when we import the Kit, it imports everything except the images. The point is that when we import another Template Kit such as “Bed & Breakfast Template Kit from Elementor” it does import the images correctly. We have tried to install the template kit manually but we had the same erroneous result with the images. We think that the problem is that the images are not available from the website of the creator of the template kit. Please, we need to solve this problem. How can we import this template correctly?

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Hi diegoalfr,

It seems that theme uses demonstration images, if you want the original images you need to get the licenses, as described in the item:

Este Template Kit utiliza imágenes de demostración de Envato Elements. Tendrá que licenciar estas imágenes de Envato Elements para usarlas en su sitio web, o puede sustituirlas por las suyas propias.

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Thanks for your answer. I know, but why does the import not work correctly? Could the author correct the problem?

Hi @diegoalfr ,

You can check this reply from @vailjoy

In most cases, the issue is your server resource. The basic troubleshooting is found here:


Good morning and thank you for your reply. As I said before, this error only occurs with this specific Template Kit. With others everything is imported correctly. I also attach the screenshot where you can see the server limits.


There is currently an issue with the demo server of this kit and the author has been notified. In the meantime, you will need to add the images to your own project on Envato elements, then import them via the “photos” tab in the media library from envato elements while customizing your kit (or replace them with your own choices). The image urls are listed at the bottom of the item description linked above.

Thanks for your answer @vailjoy . I will wait to see if the author fixes this problem. Is there a way to contact the author?

Hello again. I have visited the template page but I see that it is not active, it gives me a 404 error and I cannot know which images the template uses.