Elementor Kit Not Importoing

Elementor template kit don;t import showing this error

what is issue?
** “error”: {**
** “context”: “importSingleTemplate”,**
** “code”: “generic_api_error”,**
** “message”: “Failed to import template: Invalid File”,**
** “data”: **
** }**

Assuming that you have followed the instructions for the KIT you’re using and performed everything correctly ( referring the documentation ) if the item is still not working, you should need to contact the item author:

But i have create new template kit. just export kit then importing process checking.


actually this elementor kit need to publish themeforest.


If you are on a Mac, make sure you are not zipping the file manually or making any changes afterward. Use a Chrome browser to export the kit, not Safari.

For the server, it is important it is optimized for WordPress with adequate PHP configuration and resources. Please contact the email address on the error and be sure to mention you are an author and trying to test a new kit. Include the kit file as an attachment if possible.

Please note, authors of Template Kit products are not expected to provide technical support for importing (this is why our email address is on errors in the plugin)