MetForm template is showing up blank.

When I try to use the Envato Template Kit with another WordPress, everything works but the MetForms Templates are blank.

What I Tried.

Saved MetForms as Save as Templates

Add New Template under Envato Templates

Add MetForms Under this and Save.

But when I import it into another WordPress. As a result, it was blank

Is the kit came/downloaded from Elements?

No, I am a new author. I have made a first kit but facing this issue.


The correct process is:

  • Go to Metform > Forms and open each form. Click Save as Template. You should now see these in the Elementor Templates list
  • Go to Template Kit Export > Templates and create a new template. Click the gray folder icon to access My Templates and insert the metform. This should import a block of metform code.
  • When exporting, set these to Section: Form
  • Open the Eport template where the form appears and delete the metform widgets. The user will place these. You can leave them as-is in your demo pages of course

When importing your kit on a new site, the template will be blank where the form belongs. The user must add the metform widget, click Edit, select New and open the builder to insert the form block from the My Templates page. (or they can import them into metform manually but this is often too complicated)

Thank you for the reply