Track reviewing before upload

I have been working a this track for some time now, and would like to hear your opinions, or feedback.
Do you think my track is ready for upload to AJ?
I changened the link so it should work now.


I would say it has about a 96% risk of being rejected, both for sound and composition.

With “sound”, I don’t necessarily mean the mixing, but the choice of samples/synths and the usage of them. They sound very outdated, and the composition is too repetitive. And there are out-of-place risers that don’t lead anywhere.

I’m not really sure what you’re going for here. Tropical house? Authentic “beach” music? Right now, it’s somewhere in between. If the goal is to sound modern (tropical house), I would suggest you really study that style and listen to the sounds (synths, samples), and how they are used.

If the goal is to sound more acoustic, you need to work in the opposite direction - make everything (flute, piano, etc.) sound like a human played them.

You mentioned you’re a piano player in another thread, and that you make jazz music. My advice would be to try to make and upload some nice jazz tracks instead, while practicing the styles you are not too familiar with a lot more behind the scenes.

Nice jazz tracks can sell very well!

Thanks for the feedback and advice!