Please clear me out your thought about rejecting this one

This is 4th one in a row, my hands are going down on that.

The track is not bad, it seems like a Lounge-style??
Arrangement is good.
I think your main problem is mixing. You need more clarity and depth. But on AudioJungle mixing is not the main thing, as I understood.
Percussion and clap a little loud. And in general percussion and clap is quite strange. Maybe You need to find something better.
The first four clap hits - I think this should be removed.

All this is my personal opinion. I hope I helped a little
And don’t give up, man! Rest a little and You will hear your mistakes after a while.

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I think it needs more work on the drums and the rhythm. The sound is thin and cold, you could add more kick and snare samples. Also adding body with eq/compression/distortion will help. The pattern needs to be more groovy too.

The rest sounds great.

I hope this helps.

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Dude, your track is amazing. Loved it.

If you ask me, though, there are a few key elements that are reason enough for a hard rejection:

  1. The beat: I think you should use a better quality drum kit, there’s a lot of stuff out there for this groove/lounge genre. I understand your vintage drum machine approach, which is awesome, but there are better libraries around, some of them at super reasonable prices or even some free ones.
  2. The Sax: Mmm, maybe you intentionally wanted to go with a “fake”, synth sounding instrument, which is super cool, but not quite what reviewers seem to be looking for lately I think. Also, I’m not sure if the pitch-bend is a great idea. An actually played sampled glissando could do the trick, perhaps.
  3. Mix and master: I feel the mixing needs some polishing, bus compressions and reverbs work, a wider image, some presence, etc. The actual mix sounds a bit muffled, specially when you compare it with similar tracks in this category.

Apart from that, which are totally resoluble details, the track has a really cool vibe and I think it’s totally worth the re-work and re-submition!

Best of luck!

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Wow, thanks a lot for this detailed reply!

  1. I have studiodrummer installed and I use it a lot, but maybe I need some fresh knowledge about saturation and sound body emphasizing
  2. Sax is real, and it is famous Dexter Gordon playing, maybe this is again caused by lack of my mixing / saturation knowledge
  3. This is what I need to work on, thanks a lot. Comparing will be super worthy thing!

Thanks a lot! Very helpful

The sax to me sounds real. It sounds unnatural because it’s chopped. Thats not a bad thing necessarily, its hip hop sound . You can emphazise body by adding 100 to 400 hz depending on the source. For example, the body or fundamental of the snare lives between 150 and 250hz . It’s never an exact frequency by the way, I can only tell you an estimated range. Every source is different. For saturation you should investigate plugins and what they do. I really like Soundtoys Decapitator. Good luck !! Keep making music.

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In my opinion:

  1. Is too many improvisation bass improvise, sax improvise and mix all the time
  2. Moment for theme or phrase to replay (I know that improvisation is element of jazz)
  3. Maybe more simple( every element is complicated with syncopation: piano, bass, sax.

but i like it :slight_smile: music i s ok.


Hahah, shame on me! Dexter Gordon’s gonna haunt me in my nightmares. I don’t know, maybe it all comes down to mixing then.

You know, listening again, maybe I would change the high pitched snare/rimshot (maybe also reduce the reverb you applied and damp its highs a notch) for and more deep, bodyish snare and lower (or even remove) that sort of stick / loop that sounds all along the track.

Anyway, let us know how it turns out if you re-submit it.

Best of luck!