Hard Rejection Confusion

Have no clue why this item is hard rejected!

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Rim shot is a bit dry, the flat reverb on the guitar is too present in my opinion, adding some dryness to the guitar might be positive. But that’s just my opinion.


I really don’t know they refuse tracks based on what,
some shi* and more simple tracks are getting approved very normally.


Imo, you put one bass drum every other measure a bit later as an effect. To me that sounds off. I would keep it straight forward. Hope that helps.

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Thanks man

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I agree with CWMusic there is a bass and kick timing issue. It does sound distracting to my ears. @1:13 it isn’t as noticeable because the bass isn’t playing. I would fiddle with the bass notes a little. I like all the other sounds. Guitar might need a little taming. Hope that helps and good luck.


Thanks for your feedback

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Hello, the overall ambience of the track is good, but at first I thought there was a strange added noise, then I realized it is a vinyl crackle.

The thing is, to me it does not blend that well with the rest which sounds quite “live” (the guitar and the rim shot), with a very “upfront” sound, as if we were in a small jazz club. Maybe just me.

The offset bass drum could be nice, but for stock music you probably want, as CWMusic said, to keep it simple, straight.

Listening to the track again, it needs some mixing, it lacks some “glue” to bring all the elements together. The guitar might a bit a little too loud, and maybe some bus compression would help bring the elements together. The keys could be slightly louder, but you would have to experiment.

I love jazzy lofi and guitar, and your track has some potential - the composition is not to blame, I am sure that with some mixing work it could be accepted.

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Thanks for your detailed notes.

Just checked your " Chill Lofi Jazz" : here you nailed it! Very few elements, but they blend together well. The piano is very “lofi”, this might be one of the problem here, with the guitar.
Try EQ it a bit like what you did with the piano, a lofi EQ, less lows, less highs :slight_smile:
and a slight bump in the middle :slight_smile:

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I think it sounds too “dull” for AJ market… (good music though) Try adding more excitement to the track. The bass part is interesting, but it sounds dull, it probably wont be heard good on phone or laptop, also the track sound too slow, try adding hihat or small percussion to create sense of motion and make it groovy.
Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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This is a great track, well done. I absolutely hate how they don’t give a single reason for rejections. I wish they’d at least publish a long article with examples or something.

Only thing I don’t like about this track is how it doesn’t gradually change over time. After a minute it’s a little dull - but not necessarily a problem for stock music at all.

Surely if it were a simple mix issue - add compression, less reverb, lower the guitar volume, change the kick timing - they would just tell you and make it a soft rejection. smh.

@MoosBeat . The track is vibey. Regarding the mix, everything was written above is pretty right on. The groove is tricky. I can see your direction, but if you want to go 'J Dilla style, you need to work a lot with the hi-hats. They will help your groove drive towards the snare, not the kick. And, again the mix. Compression, parallel compression, and saturation. Lots of it. You do not need a clean sound here. Get dirty.