Jazzy House preview - approve or reject??

Hi guys,

feedback appreciated on this track before I master and upload:

I’m happy with it - but I’ve had similar light jazz house tunes get rejected before.

I’m not trying to make a brilliant hit; just keep a nice mood for AJ clients, of course. Do you think it will be accepted; or does anything stand out to you that MUST be changed? It’s not fully mastered yet; just run through a limiter, so it will be a bit louder, with more ambience.


I like the track, pretty smooth and stylish. Two cents:

  1. Maybe some light percussion or melody is needed to spice it up a little towards the end.

  2. Maybe (just maybe) i would cut it down to 2 minutes, since nothing important is there after this mark.

All the best!:smiley:

Thanks Phreaspirit!

1 is a great idea - in fact listening to it in my living room the melody was clear, but I felt I need a little more of the snare/hats, and perhaps more percussion just to add some steady energy.

2 - is funny - I added a little bit so it just didn’t “end”, but could allow the groove to continue. Maybe I’ll leave it, and add shorter versions of the track though!

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I agree, main version and short version would be just fine))

P.S. We’re talking stock music here. Otherwise your main version could be as long as 9 minutes no problems)

P.P.S.Really a nice groove! All the best!