Track has been rejected.



Hey guys! I really hope you could help me to understand what exactly am I doing wrong with that track. Thank you!

  • The idea is not bad, but you need to work more in the melody and some notes doesn´t fit too much in tempo. I feel sometimes you go faster and later, slower.
  • Some stranges sounds appears suddenly.
  • Some high piano notes are strangers there for me.
  • You need to work more in the mix and the master.


Hi @kkwulf !
In my opinion it is worthwhile to pay attention primarily to the quantizing of notes! Everything is more or less normal, although there is something to be done here. The track is not finalized, but there is potential and I liked this track.
Good luck! :wink:


Thx for the feedback! :slight_smile:


thank you a lot for the feedback!


I have the same opinion like @CleanMagicAudio here… it’s an quantize issue… I personally like the melody and chord progression. Work it out and you’ll be ready to go.
All the best to you…!!!


Great idea of progression and melody! I think it will be enough to eliminate the rhythmic errors in the piano part and then this track will be allowed to be sold.


hey! nice pianos here! :slight_smile: agree with all opinions and quantization issues. Maybe I can help a little bit with my own experience… I did quite piano tracks with expressiveness without metronome, and in my opinion I think you can also work this point
… Maybe I would put a third chord.
good luck!