Feedback to rejected track


Hello everyone . My new item unfortunately was hard rejected because of mixing and mastering (samples/recording/mixing/mastering standard). Could anyone , please , give me any advise to get this item sounds better? Thanks a lot!!!


Listened to it on my EarPods. It sounds awesome! If I only could play the piano like this!
It doesn’t help you figuring out why it got rejected, but truly: great play!!

I think AudioJungle maybe made a bad decision on this one …


Thank you for your feedback!!!


Hello, nice work but sounds a bit tubby. I would recommend to process the track with an enhancer to boost the middle and high frequencies.


Thank you for your advice !!!


Hey @DuendeStudio

First off, fantastic piano playing! I think this track was rejected because I struggle to see where exactly this would be used, as great as the composition is, i think it has a limitation on how or where it could be used. However, I cannot fault this because it’s some awesome work haha! good luck with future submissions :smiley:


Thank you for your attention and advice!!!:grin:


Hi, everyone!!! I just want to thanks for your help. Today my track was approved for sale!!!


Hi, congrats on the approval after a hard reject! It’s a great track. Can you tell us what exactly did you change? :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! I actually did some equalization. In particular : cut and make quieter the low end and I boost the middle and the high frequencies


@DuendeStudio Really good work!) Nice piano tune. Honestly just as other authors i dont understand why item was rejected. Im glad that your track is approoved now). This is a real good work!) Good luck with sales!


Thank you very much!!!:grin:


great playing!!