Is this track so bad? Need advice

Hello, colleagues!
This item was rejected by Envato Quality team

–This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately–
I know in these days the reviewers are especially scrupulous. Now there are a lot of rejected tracks and a lot of fresh topics about this issue. Of course, this is not the best track, but I think it’s not so bad. Rejection slightly confused me, but I was ready for this outcome.

I think with next uploading item I receive this message by Envato Quality team: Сongratulations! You’ve earned a vacation for six months! Bye-bye, sweety!
We add some badges in your profile - “Plague of the community” and “Caution! Antitrending here!”…also maybe " Featured loser of the Year".
Yea… a bit of fun…:slight_smile:

In any case, I need Your advice. What should I pay attention to? Where in your opinion is my weakness?

Hello! I listened to your track and I think this item doesn’t meet th-
I am joking.
In my humble opinion:
The piano. Try to cut the higher sizzling frequencies and play around with the velocity of the notes played. If there is a plate reverb I would remove it. Doesn’t fit for me. I didn’t like the same short melody going on throughout the whole track. But heck, what do I know.
The keys that start at 0:22. Too bright for me. I got a ringing in my head listening through monitor headphones. A minus 2 or 3 decibels will fix that for me.
That is my opinion on the criticizing part - other than that:
Great, intact low-end. Also, great feeling. This track has potential, do not leave it behind :slight_smile: And don’t take my word for a fact, i am new here. This is just what i think.


Thanks for your reply.
Probably you are right in many aspects.
The piano playing the whole track - the main reason of the rejection, I think.
And thanks for a good sense of humor

Offtop: Do You know why my topic is grey? Most forum topics are black.

I also found that the track doesn’t meet … joking again lol
The serious part: Nice advices from @MagicBSDC
I also found that the main piano topic is too repetitive. Maybe I would leave some seconds with the rhythm and letting the piece breath for seconds from the melodic line… I would do some variations …
but I also think that the idea is bright and nice :slight_smile:
Good luck!

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Thanks a lot for Your feedback, MusicLFiles!..yea, and for joking!
This is a valuable comment from someone who plays the piano very well and has an impressive library.

Do You agree with MagicBSDC about problems in high frequency spectre with some instruments?

I’m not an expert with freq but maybe… he’s right… I think piano has a lot of presence and he suggests a good solution… … and I agree, the glocken is too bright. reducing volume and gain could be fine… :smiley:

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