Help to understand what is wrong with the track

I need your help! The track was hard rejected, I would like to understand why. I will be very grateful for any feedback!

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:
Thank you very much for your submission. After much consideration it has been decided that this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

Nice work :slight_smile: Very good job, just remember this is just my opinion and it could be wrong…

The piano needs the same reverb as every thing else. Maybe too bright? Also the drums could have some cohesive reverb as well, make sure to roll off the lows on the reverb.
Drums are panned a little too far to the left.
It might be my room but the bass D starting at 1:17 has an offensive resonant frequency popping out a little too much in the very low end. Also piano is too hot at 1:17.

Reverb has short decay times for fast notes and long decay times for long notes. This keeps everything tight :slight_smile:

Its sounding good, its not easy trying to make “fake” real instruments sound real! Keep going!

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Thank you for replying, hope my next cinematic project will be better.

Track is good!

@Sky-Productions remarks are very insightful.

I’d just like to add that the cymbals are very distracting. They sound really fake, with the same velocity and no spatial placement. This is an issue that’s easily fixed, though.

With a bit of refinement, this track should be accepted.

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Hi @AlexLightMusic. I like your song. The problem, to my ears, is that many elements begin to compete for the listener’s attention and space in the frequency spectrum around 1:17. I think this can be remedied with a combination of arrangement decisions (choosing to mute something that might not be needed), identifying areas of different instruments that share the same space in the frequency spectrum and applying equalization to make them coexist better in the mix, and using reverb to put the different parts into different physical space (closer or farther away). One example of this is the piano. As the song builds in intensity, I think the piano belongs further back in the mix. Right now, it feels like it is too far in the foreground.

I think a big dramatic cinematic track like yours also needs the bass to be clearly defined and present. As I listen to your song, it sounds like you might benefit from applying a high pass filter to some of the other instruments in order to give the bass a little more space in the mix.

I agree with @Sky-Productions about the drums being panned too far to the left.

Your song has potential, for sure. Mixing a cinematic track is no easy task. It makes you appreciate those who are able to do it so well. Good luck!

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