Why my track was rejected?

Please tell me WHY rejected my track? In what exactly bad quality?

I watch the tracks from the search. For example:

My quality - worse? What exactly?

I think here bad drums.
But it accepted.
Or I do not understand something.

IMO the piano is very poorly composed and programmed, especially in comparison to the references. I see that you were really going for the same sort of feel as the first reference you posted, but you need to do much more with velocities for the piano line as well as remove all the repeated notes and stuff, it sounds too fake.

The first reference sounds like someone is playing the piano, it swells, it has feeling, it was probably played in from a midi controller. Your piano intro sounds very computerized and “programmed”, and it also doesn’t really sound like something a piano player would play.

Not trying to sound harsh, but I think if you spend a lot more time getting the piano to sound right, the rest of it would come together.

Aside from what I just mentioned there are definitely some mix issues as well, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed fairly easily.


i think they rejected it because it’s quite arpeggiated melody and you have distortion at 02:00


You could explain it in more detail. “composed and programmed” - what does mean?

If you read the rest of my post I do explain.

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When someone makes the effort to find two tracks by other authors that they think sound worse than theirs I don’t bother to listen and just assume its crap.

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I analyzed your answer. Thank you.

In occasion of velosity I partially see my problem.

But I do not understand this
“remove all the repeated notes and stuff, it sounds too fake”

One melody repeat an infinite number of times

and there are many such examples here

What did you mean?
“remove all the repeated notes and stuff, it sounds too fake”

Sorry I meant the repeated notes in the piano part itself. Like at around the 5 second mark there is that repeating B, it just sounds clunky and not really like something an accomplished piano player would play/write. It happens a few different times throughout.