Touch screen for you DAW?

Hi there, is anyone here using a touchscreen with a DAW? I begun to realise how hateful I am towards my mouse and keyboard and touchpad and started to look for an alternative. I want to be closer and faster when I work and thought of a nice big touch screen, but some of them are laggy and I dont want that.

Do you have experience with a touchscreen as far as DAW is concerned? Whats the screen like (brand, size)? Are you using a stylus or just multitouch? What system are you running (windows or mac)? And whats your DAW of choice?

I dont want to invest too much like wacom cintiq 22hd, which is way out of my budget. I saw whats out there but I wish to get some feedback from actual users of some of those devices.



am I gonna be the only one here using a touch screen for music production? I dont think so… any thoughts? :slight_smile:

May I ask why you prefer using a touchscreen with your DAW? IMO, it is so much more efficient to learn and use all the keyboard shortcuts+mouse. Just curious.

Im still using a mouse but just want to get more stuff done with touch. Mouse and keyboard are like this bridge that stands in between more than touch. There are advantages to using multitouch rather than just one point of a mouse, like writing automation on your mixer or filters/eq with 2, 3, 4… 10 fingers at once instead of going one by one. I believe it will make the process more alive with whole arms moving instead of just few fingers and a bit of the wrist. Im sure you can get more efficient with touch too when you get used to it. Now I hit the point where I cant get any faster using a mouse and it became really boring to click same stuff one by one, if only I could click more at once, that is my goal.

Well I think it is the future. My wet dream as well.

My best guess is that it’s the similar feel when managing to wright and look at the letters on the screen instead of the keyboard.


I use both touchscreen and wacom graphic tablet for music production and it really changes the whole workflow.
There are quite many touchscreens today for relative cheap price and with quite good response, look for those with 5-10 touch points at once.
Also, wacom made things greatly easier considering writing MIDI CC, you could say that you enter a totally another dimenson of workflow with your DAW.
All in all, I’d never go back to the classic way of producing since this is a total game changer.
If you ever decide to go for it fully, I think that would be more than a good idea.


Nice one, but could you tell us some disadvantages, or problems that you run into when using this system? Is there anything annoying that you have to live with? Also what DAW are you using at the moment? (I bet its Cubase) :wink:

haha yes, it is Cubase.
Well, disadvantages are quite small since you don’t need a super ultra response or depth response like designers and other graphic artists need so regarding to that, I think you’ll find it quite useful.
Until now, I haven’t find any annoying things regarding the usage of touch surfaces, in the beginning its somehow strange to use it but later you get used to it and it helps you a lot.
Maybe the only possible problem however was to put your touchscreen at the right place so how your hands wouldn’t get tired too much.

…knew it :smile:

(I wonder how good it is with studio one 3 though, or Logic x. )

ok, so will I miss those keys on the side If I just go for a normal but decent size (27inch) multi-touch screen from dell or asus?

Im looking at those wacom’s and cant help to leave my jaw just hanging…

Rafael. can you describe the power of this? Where in the process did you see the most difference?

Right, I think Iv decided to go for the WACOM INTUOS PRO M. It has all the functionality as the cintiq, including touch but comes at a fraction of a price. No hd screen build in but I already have one that I use now. I just hope its gonna be smooth and responsive.

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Good choice. I’ve got the same and it works brilliantly as a drawing tablet. I have yet to use it properly with my DAW though! Should work well with the multi touch and side buttons.

Here’s a familiar guy using two of them at 8:30 mark. :smiley:

I use WACOM for drawing MIDI CC (expression,modulation etc.) and I use screentouch monitor for the mixer which I find it greatly useful. Also to boomopera, I think Dell should be more then fine, but again, we only need it for simple controling so I think most of the monitors should work just fine. :slight_smile: