Total income from theme

Hey Guys!
Is there any way to know how much i earned from some thing theme, like i got multiple themes and i want to know how much i earned from Theme A and How much i made from theme B up to the date?


Just go to your Portfolio page and see item sales :slight_smile:

you would have to work it out manually:

total sales (minus refunds) / 100 * your "rate e.g. 55%)

so 1000 sales at $50 with 55% cut would have earnt you $27,500

the 45% you don’t get is made up of buyer fee and Envato fee.

Thank you!! :wink:

Thank’s for that :slight_smile: But it could be hard to find which sales are from US and which are from other. :wink:

sales per country isn’t possible as far as I am aware as envato don’t share that data

Download your statements as CSV file and put them into a spreadsheet. The CSV contains a column for the country of the buyer.

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