Selling WP themes - income tax question?

Hello :slight_smile: I’ve started selling themes for WordPress through Envato but I’m intrigued - it handles all the fees, etc just as I want it to, but I’ve been told I would be able to claim VAT on things like that - how can I find this out? I’ve looked at this salary tool and worked out how much I would save but how do I go about saving it, or can I not?


Envato are an Australian and/or American company, so they don’t charge VAT on their fees… so there’s nothing to claim back. With regards to charging VAT to buyers… they charge VAT on sales if the seller (you) comes from a country that charges VAT, and they then remit it to the relevant tax authority… which removes your responsibility to do so.


I wasn’t aware Envato didn’t charge VAT - that’s brilliant. Thanks a lot! :grinning: