To Envato (Audiojungle), feature request

Hi guys, not really sure if this is the right section to post, just move it if necessary (if that’s possible).

Basically, it would be great if there was a better or faster way to listen to all tracks while searching for music.
A few ways this could be implemented:

(A) Play all tracks on search results page in a ‘queue’, where u can still skip to next track, play/pause, previous track, and MOST IMPORTANTLY seek via the Waveform. Move on to the next track automatically at the end of each track.
E.g. This could be via a player that always ‘sits’ at the same location at top/bottom of page. I’ve seen many ways on other sites.


(B) Play all tracks on search results page, but only a 15-20 second preview, then move on to the next track automatically.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile: I think it would greatly help the people shopping for music. I personally sometimes have to sit thru hours and hours of music searching a day.

Perhaps Option © adding keyboard functionality (like Youtube), but instead of seek back/pause/fwd, the J / K / L keys would go back 1 track / pause / skip to next track.