Audiojungle suggestions to improve search

I’ve been using Audiojungle for 6+ years. For each of those years I wouldn’t be surprised if I spent 100 hours trudging through searches for the right audio tracks. As such I have a few suggestions that I think would greatly reduce time spent searching, and reduce unnecessary bandwidth consumption.

  1. Grey out audio tracks that you have already listened to at some point in the past.

  2. Put a ‘not interested’ button on tracks in the search results. Allow tracks and users to be permanently hidden from future searches.

  3. Allow negative filtering: i.e. allow me to remove search results that include the tag ‘motivational’ or ‘sentimental’.

  4. Upgrade the favorites page to include the track waveform display that is shown in the search results. It’s a lot faster to sort through tracks when you can click in the middle and start playing where the action starts.

If this post would be more likely to reach the right people in a different section of the forum please redirect me. Thanks.