To be exclusive or not to be?

Hello fellow authors… long time no see :slight_smile:

2023 was by far the worst earnings year i’ve had in my VH history. So, I’ve started wondering if it’s worth it to be an exclusive author and my conclusion is that it’s not worth it for me, at least for videohive.

So, i have a question that i can’t find an answer on how to make the calculation. By what percent my Elements earnings will be reduced/impacted if i make the switch to non exclusive?

Thanks in advance,

Your EE earnings won’t be impacted if you turn non-exclusive. You will earn less only on VH, around 30% each sale.
I’ll probably say goodbye to my exclusivity here after 12 years.


That sounds awesome. Are you sure that it will only affect VH? How do you know?

Btw i think we are on the same chapter if not on the same page… i’ve been exclusive on VH from feb 2012 and if what you say is true then my exclusive days are reaching to an end.

Yes it will affect only your VH sales. My account is non exclusive for one year. Elements is non-exclusive anyway.

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Thanks a lot both of you Ricky and Yianni :slight_smile:

The switch seems inevitable but nonetheless i know it’s going to feel very weird & strange…