I need help changing my VideoHive license from non-exclusive to exclusive. Any suggestions?

I’m currently earning a decent income from Envato Elements and am satisfied with it. However, I’m not seeing the same level of success on VideoHive as some other authors, so I’m thinking of changing my licensing to non-exclusive and selling my template on Motion Array instead. Can anyone share their experience with earning on Motion Array, or any other feedback they may have?

If I switch my licensing to non-exclusive for videos sold on VideoHive and start selling them on Motion Array instead, will that have any impact on my earnings from Envato Elements?

My portfolio - [link removed]

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Support can help you. :slight_smile:

elements is already non-exclusive, so this will not affect your income there. Only on market you will get roughly half of what you earned as exclusie author, which might not be a great loss as you said you are not doing good on market anyway.

You can change your profile to non-exclusive in your author dashboard settings. On the left you will see the menu point: exclusivity of your items.

Be aware that you will have to wait for a month until this will be activated. However motionarray uploads queue does have some time, so you can start uploading there sooner.