Exclusive - non-exclusive switching and earnings

Hello, I have a concern about selling on Envato as non-exclusive member. As an non-exclusive member my earnings will be charged according to Videohive Fee Schedule(55%). But later on, if I will switch back to Exclusive author status. What will happen now? Let’s say, if I sold templats for 22 500$ as an non-exclusive member and then I switch to Exclusive, my upcoming earnings will be charged by 30%(because I sold templates for 22k$) or I will be charged 37,5%(same as if I just start on Envato).

Is there any limit for number of switches between exclusivity and non-exclusivity?


If you move from non-exclusive to exclusive… then you get charged the author fee at the correct rate based on your total sales, like you would do if you had been exclusive from the beginning. So if you’ve sold over $75k of stuff, your author fee will drop from 55% to 12.5%. I’m not entirely sure what happens if you go from non-exclusive to exclusive, back to non-exclusive and then back to exclusive… but I would assume its the same. Not sure about the number either… but I think there might be a one month waiting period.