Thoughts on this track and help with genre before i submit?

Unmastered and not finally mixed but i’d appreciate any feedback and would like for you to help pigeon hole a genre for it? @BlueSkyAudio @Hyperprod @SethKL

all the best

here is link. Not sure why it won’t let me add it direct.

This style is far outside my area of expertise so I won’t attempt to place it genre wise. But musically I think this becomes too repetetive. There’s 4 bars repeting over and over and no development, just some elements coming in and out. Some of the rhythmic elements is mixed a bit too loud for my taste and becomes annoying pretty fast.
You have a good starting point here and the sound is good in my opinion, but I would try to make it more musical and a more complete composition than just a 4 bar loop. (But as I said, this style is far outside my comfort zone…:slight_smile: )

Thank you for the feedback @Hyperprod
In terms of the structure, what do you recommend specifically? I ask this because you said it on my other track and it’s a fault that i am aware of myself in my tracks but i don’t really know how to fix it to stop it becoming repetitive.

I listen to the top sellers for ideas but they all seem pretty straight forward and repetitive structures too so i’m a little stuck.

Any help would be grateful.

I’m not in a position to recommend anything, I’m far from having a top seller :joy:
I listened to some of the top sellers too and heard that many of them has the same structure as typical pop songs. For instance: A A B A B © B form. There’s also a build up and development in most of them with both subtle changes and not so subtle changes in each part.
I also think most of the top sellers have a strong melodic content.

My advice would be to compose music you enjoy to listen to and maybe not think too much about what the reviewers will think. I’m sure you have some composer experience, use that and don’t listen too much to what other AJ composers do. And most important of all: feel free to ignore my advice :wink:

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Hey JTJ!

Just like Hyperprod, I have pretty much zero experience in that style of music, so it’s hard to really speak in specifics about what you have. That being said, I do think you have some good stuff going on. The track sounds good in a lot of ways.

However I definitely agree that there needs to be more variety. Especially for a track that is over three minutes! The way I always think about it is that every minute of audio needs to be justified, don’t just extend it because ‘well, why not’.

The best way to mix it up is to, like Hyperprod says, think of it like a pop song. The only main difference is that here it is generally the ‘verse’ that is the catchy, remembered part as opposed to the ‘chorus’, which people here generally use more as just ways to break up the monotony. As a - very loose - rule you want to try and have two themes or melodic ideas. Typically, you begin with your main theme or idea for a few repetitions, then go into a short, secondary theme - often only 4 bars - that is usually a bit less energetic, a bit more ‘airy’ and calm than your normal theme, and then come back with your main theme, but even more aggressively done than before.

A good way to build your track is to really just beef up your main theme a lot. Have it on repeat and keep playing with it until you come up with a big sound that feels ‘climactic’. Then you just move that section to the end of your track, and work your way towards it. Add in instruments over time, try and make it feel like the track is constantly moving, even though in reality it isn’t.

That being said, a more monotonous track can be fine, but it needs to be a lot shorter and generally more in the ‘loop’ realm.

Cheers, and happy Thanksgiving!

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