Feedback on this audio file please?

I am new on uploading my audio creations.
So i will be asking for some feedback until i learn more and understand about Audiojungle.

This is some modern track that i upload recently, i need some feedback from Audiojungle authors (because my family thinks that i am more talented that Mozart!!)

How much rejections can i expect? I think that every one starts with rejections and latter start being accepted, right?

This is the link:

Thanks in advance :smile:

Hi Yenerich.

Welcome to the jungle.

A few tips for first time authors: Listen to the popular tracks, listen to how they are structured. I’m not saying you should copy their style, but try and figure out what makes them good, because after all, the only reason an audiojungle reviewer will accept your submissions for is if they think there is money to be made from it (commercial value).

What I noticed about your track is that it sounds kind of ‘dated’. The synthesizer sounds sound like they’re straight from the early 2000’s. Same goes for the melody, catchy in it’s own way, but I fear it lacks commercial value.

Also be wary of the use of effects, especially towards the end there are way too many effects applied for my taste, it doesn’t add anything to the whole.

Furthermore the ending is way too abrubt. Remember, if you want your tracks to be used for commercials for example, there has to be some sort of outro. Not saying commercials never end mid-track or something, but most of them will end with a little outro.

Also, be very careful about how you name your tracks, The word ‘inspiration’ is a very powerful word here on audiojungle, but I think your track doesn’t fit the description. It’s more dance-y.

good luck, and I hope you’ll make your first sale soon!

Thanks for your feedback, it is very usefull for me :smile: